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Eileen a dynamic and passionate Realtor ready to guide you through the world of real estate and help you find your dream home or assist you in preparing your current property for a successful sale.

Eileen graduated from Portland State University with a double major in Marketing and Advertising, equipping her with valuable insights into market dynamics and effective communication strategies. Her work experience spans across various industries, including time spent at an advertising agency, a travel agency and owning an aesthetics business, granting her a well-rounded skill set and a keen attention to detail.

Eileen’s journey into real estate was sparked by a long-standing passion for the field. Prior to officially entering the industry, Eileen took the time to shadow experienced agents, learning from their expertise and gaining valuable knowledge about the market.

Helping people discover their perfect home brings Eileen immense joy. She takes great pride in understanding her clients’ needs and desires, going above and beyond to match them with the ideal property. Similarly, she finds fulfillment in preparing homes for sale, utilizing her creative flair and market knowledge to stage properties for maximum appeal.

Having extensive knowledge of the Portland Metro area, including Downtown, the Pearl District, North East, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Wilsonville and Charbonneau, Eileen can offer valuable insights into each neighborhood’s unique characteristics.

Eileen’s approach to real estate is firmly grounded in her core values of honesty, integrity, accountability and respect. Transparent communication is a cornerstone of her business, and she prioritizes actively listening to her clients’ wants and needs to understand their vision fully. This approach allows her to tailor her services effectively and exceed expectations.

Eileen’s diverse background and unwavering dedication to her clients sets her apart. Eager to channel her passion and expertise into assisting you with your real estate goals, Eileen is excited to be your trusted Realtor and guide you through this exciting journey.

If you’re looking for someone who will put your interests first and provide personalized attention every step of the way, Eileen Sakouyan is the Realtor for you. Together, you can turn your real estate dreams into a reality!

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