Kara Overcamp Administrative Coordinator


Office: (503) 692-5000


Kara plays a crucial role in managing paperwork, ensuring our database is up-to-date, and providing administrative support in all areas of the business. Her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail make her an essential asset for keeping our busy real estate office running smoothly.

As the Administrative Coordinator, Kara’s dedication to her responsibilities contributes to a well-organized office environment. She efficiently supports our team behind the scenes and is willing to assist whenever possible.

While Kara doesn’t directly interact with our clients, her behind-the-scenes contributions play a huge part in the functioning of our office. In addition, her focus on research helps us stay updated with the latest administrative tools and technologies, streamlining our systems and enhancing overall productivity.

Kara’s enthusiasm for exploring new administrative tools and approaches exemplifies her commitment to continuous improvement. Her efforts play a significant role in supporting our Office & Marketing Manager and the entire team in delivering the highest level of service to our valued clients.

Next time you visit A Group Real Estate or engage with our team, know that Kara’s efforts contribute to making our office well-coordinated and efficient. We appreciate her dedication and hard work in managing paperwork, keeping our database up-to-date, and providing essential administrative support in all areas of our real estate operations.

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